NCUK Partners

Since 1987, NCUK has expanded across four continents and attracts students from over 100 nationalities every year. Since then, we have helped over 30,000 young people to gain a place at one of our university partners. Thanks to the quality of our academic programmes, they have achieved success both in their university studies and, onwards, in their careers.

NCUK Value-Added Services

As well as benefitting from our unique relationships with our universities, being part of the NCUK Global Network of Study Centres allows you to benefit from the following value-added services:

  • Business Development and Marketing Support
    Our dedicated Market Development team are here to support your centre to grow by supporting events and marketing:

    • Help organise launch events by liaising with our universities, official government bodies and other key influencers
    • Support events in your local market, including school visits, agent events or exhibitions
    • Provide advice on your marketing plan, social media and website
    • Help with lead generation through NCUK’s global website and social media platforms
    • Gain access to NCUK’s Marketing Support Hub Download marketing materials, student profiles and an extensive range of imagery to create your own promotional materials
  • University Admissions and Placement Service
    Our University Admissions and Placement Service ensures NCUK students get in to the most appropriate degree course at university. We provide expert guidance to students whilst also supporting their application at every stage of the university application process. Students who pass the NCUK qualification are guaranteed a place at an NCUK university. We also offer a cascading clearing support service to ensure any students who don’t meet their grades for their first-choice university, still get a place at a relevant course in one of our universities.
  • Academic Quality Management
    Quality is at the heart of everything that we do therefore our qualifications meet the highest academic standards set by our university partners. All NCUK Study Centres are audited by NCUK and we work with our partners to establish robust quality assurance systems to match our needs and the requirements of our universities.
  • Our Charity
    The Northern Consortium’s core charitable object is the advancement of education which it pursues through the activities of NCUK, and directly through the provision of scholarships, student prize awards and investments in the international education market.

Apply Online

To apply to join NCUK’s delivery partner network, please fill out this New Centre Enquiry Form. Once we have received your completed enquiry form, a member of our Business Development Team will be in touch to discuss .

Please Note: Due to existing arrangements, NCUK are not currently looking for any new partners in Ireland. If you would like any further information, please contact us.

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The Northern Consortium and Northern Consortium UK Limited The Northern Consortium is a registered charity listed in the United Kingdom at Companies House (Company No. 02788226). Northern Consortium UK Limited (referred to as NCUK) was founded as the trading arm of the Northern Consortium registered charity and is also listed at Companies House (Company No. 04842064). NCUK was founded by eleven leading UK universities. We work in partnership with them to provide quality pathway programmes for international students. NCUK achieves success and longevity thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Delivery Partners – groups and individuals who are at the core of our business. Education is our passion and our expertise. If you share our passion, please complete the application form below and a representative will be in touch to discuss how you can join our global network.


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